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FIFA 17 Trading Tips and Tricks
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FIFA 17 Trading tips are especially useful when your are starting in the game. If you need help to make your first fifa 17 coins, follow the 20 best trading tips.

Start playing as soon as possible

The sooner you start playing FIFA 17, the bigger will be your chances of being successful.
In the beginning the market will be very unstable. If you know what you are doing, this is the best time to make great deals. Itís just a question of knowing how to identify the opportunities and being able to predict how the market is going to develop. You will need time to do it, so donít miss the FUT Web App early access available for FUT 16 players who have created a Security Question and Answer on FUT console before August 1, 2016.

Focus on a parcel of the market

There are thousands of cards in FUT 17. Itís impossible for someone to have good control of all them.
Choose a branch in which you feel comfortable, study it and keep yourself updated about the changes that happen in this specific market. Itís going to be a lot easier to know about what prices you should buy or sell cards. Remember that being fast is a very important characteristic a trader must have: being fast in order to make a move and not miss the opportunity, being fast selling to increase the number of sales, being fast to notice the changes of the market, etcÖ

Your transfer list must always be full

Every time you donít have your transfer list full, you are losing coins. You are missing the chance of making profit. The more cards you have for sale, more youíll sell and more profit youíll get.
The first thing to do is to redeem the EAS FC catalogue items to improve the size of your transfer list. Then, you just need to adjust your prices according to your sales. If you are selling to fast, itís because you can increase the price a bit more. If you canít sell, then itís because you need to reduce the price.

Give your cards as much exposure as possible

The more visibility you give to your cards, the more profit youíll get.
Most players, when searching in the market, donít go beyond the 60 minutes page. For that reason, you should try to have your cards available the higher time possible between the first hour auctions. To do that, you just need to list them for an hour and re-list them for another hour when the auction expires. When itís not possible, you should define the auction duration according to the time youíll be away. For example, if youíre going to sleep, define the duration to 6 hours. Doing that youíll make the cards stay available for a bigger amount of time on the market and youíll be able to renew them when you wake up.

Get ride of useless cards

When starting FUT 17 you will have many of useless cards that no one wants to buy. Quick selling them is an option but before that you can try a simply trick: put them on auction with a 150c start price and a 200c buy now price.
You will see that you will sell much more cards and a few of them for the BIN price. Although, you should always check if itís best to have these cards on auction or if you should just discard them in order to spare space on your transfer list for other cards that might give you bigger profits.

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