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Some players say "if I hit the sprint trigger in pursuit of a through ball with Aubameyang, I shouldn't be blown past by some average-ass CB with 65 pace."

I want to tell you if you are through with aubameyang, then that won't happen. But if you have to run past the defender, its a bit harder - because he will get into your body and push you away. In all instances where he is close enough to not let you run freely you will find a harder time to get past as you will be kind of locked to that player, until either of you manage to brake it to one of the players advantage. But if you are slightly ahead, in an unreachable position from the defenders body (arms, legs, shoulder), you will stay ahead (unless the factors below apply).

The other factor is the angles. If you have to run diagonally either with the ball or towards the ball, any player that can run in a straight line will cover ground slightly faster, making the pace stat slightly less important. That doesnt mean that you cant outrun him though, but chances are smaller.

Then, if you have the ball it becomes a skill game, as running with the ball is much slower than running without the ball. But if you are able to do well timed, well directed knock ons, you can run at almost full speeds even with the ball. But as I said, at that point, your skills doing that particular move matter. It is possible to do poor knock ons that wont work. Takes practice.

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