FIFA is a Different Game after Patch
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Does anybody else feel that post patch FIFA is a different game altogether?

I'm in Div 2, and need a couple of points from 5 games to stay in the division. 3 games in, and I have not scored a single goal. Perhaps this is because I came up against strong squads, but the game just feels off. I feel like I have to relearn and adjust to the game. By the way, welcome to our site, you may find free fifa 17 coins when you look through our site.

I see them cutting out older gen. In software when you have to account for multiple systems where the older system cannot do what the newer system does. This is done through what devs call "shims." For example, instead of an arbitrary example I would make up between the PS3 and PS4 lets look at something else. Internet Explorer and web development. Now, as we know, there are many iterations of IE.

But when you are making a webapp for the latest version you have to account for those viewing the website on older versions. For example, let's say that the newest version of IE supports the ability for a user to click a button and have data streamed into whatever form they are on seamlessly. Great, this all works in the version of the code you have created but it only works in IE11. In the lower versions this seamless data streaming doesn't work that way. So you write a shim. Something that informs the program to use a different piece of code when that button is hit. So instead of a seamless injection you might have a page reload.

That's just a small example. But lets think about some possibilities on the PS3 and PS4. Let's say the PS4 can hold more information in memory. Which is true. Think of memory and the hard drive as a library analogy. You are in the library studying for a subject. You don't go to the shelves and pick out one book, bring it back to the table and put that book back to grab another. You grab all of the books you find relevant to the subject and put them on the table. This way you can easily grab what book you need at the current time without walking all the way to the shelves. Memory is like the table you are working at and the hard drive/storage is like the shelves.

On the PS3 you have a smaller "table" than you do on the PS4. On the PS4 the memory might allow the code for dynamic calculations to be stored and updated quickly for the entire team. This way when a new event occurs the calculation can be performed almost instantly, the info is right there. The PS3 might only be able to load in memory the current values of all of the players but the calculations for dynamic actions needs to be retrieved every time something happens. Well, this introduces latency to a dynamic method. You need the result right away but the physical processing time might surpass when the result is expected. So devs might write a shim. On offense only offensive calculations are loaded. On defense only defensive calcs loaded. This might cause issues still through a quick change of possession causing calculations not to occur as quickly.

The devs essentially use default actions or basic simple calculations if those dynamic calcs won't return. This is just a guess. A shot at an example explaining why there might be some differences between system generations.

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Features of FIFA 17 Companion App
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Here is the list of the features of the new FIFA 17 Companion App for iOS, Android and Windows Phone Devices:

Manage your FUT Squads and Club Items by optimizing Chemistry, Formations, and Players
Build your squad from Draft mode and play on console
Find and bid on players, staff, consumables and items on the FUT 17 Transfer Market
Purchase Packs from the FUT Store
View TOTW Squad Previews and History
Access your EA Sports Football Club Activity, News and Notifications
Plan your squad with the Concept Squads

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Here they are the main highlights:

FIFA 17 Companion App
Keep the world of FIFA Ultimate Team close at hand with the EA SPORTS FIFA 17 Companion App! Manage your Ultimate Team anytime, anywhere!

FUT Draft
Build your FUT Draft squad by choosing between five players in for each position on mobile and play the match on console or PC for high rewards!

Squad Management
Get match ready by optimizing your lineup, Chemistry and formation on the go. Plan your future squads with Concept Squads, a powerful squad planning tool that contains all players in FUT.

FUT Store
Never miss out on great promo deals again! Feel the thrill of opening packs and getting those rare players. Packs are purchased with Coins earned in-game or FIFA Points (Android and Windows Phone 8 only).

View and manage all the Players, Consumables and Club Items in your FUT Club directly from the Companion App.

Stay Connected
Keep in touch with your friends through EA Sports Football Club, accessible anywhere within the app. Share your latest FIFA activity, comment on news updates, and get important game notifications.

FIFA 17 Ultimate Team Fixed Tournaments
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All the FIFA 17 Ultimate Team fixed tournaments have to be officially confirmed, read this article, let me show them. By the wat, if you need fifa 17 xbox 360 coins, welcome to our site.


Mode: Single Player
Reward: 500 coins + 1 Gold Gift Pack
Unlock: 0 Trophies
Difficulty: Amateur
Entry Requirements:
There are no entry requirements


Mode: Single Player
Reward: 1,000 coins + 1 Gold Gift Pack
Unlock: 0 Trophies
Difficulty: Professional
Entry Requirements:
All 18 players have to be bronze


Mode: Single Player
Reward: 750 coins + 1 Silver Gift Pack
Unlock: 0 Trophies
Difficulty: Semi-Pro
Entry Requirements:
All 18 players have to be silver
Team Chemistry between 75 and 100


Mode: Single Player
Reward: 1,200 coins + 1 Premium Loan Player Reward Pack
Unlock: 0 Trophies
Difficulty: World Class
Entry Requirements:
There are no entry requirements


Mode: Online
Reward: 2,000 coins + 1 Jumbo Premium Bronze Pack
Unlock: 0 Trophies
Entry Requirements:
All 18 players have to be bronze


Mode: Online
Reward: 2,000 coins + 1 Silver Pack
Unlock: 0 Trophies

FIFA 17: Day 1 Cards are Not Better than Their Upgrades
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Prior the discovery of this glitch, the community mostly consisted of endless bickering, but the last week we've actually seen massive collaboration and folks recognizing each other with positive support. I'm sure this is the type of community EA aspired to create (just not through this chain of events). I for one am enjoying this sub more than ever. Kudos to the community! Buying fifa 17 ps4 coins from, which is the best fifa 17 ps4 coins products supplier

Thank goodness for EA's incompetence!

Edit: this doesn't mean I condone EA being the greedy, idiotic poos they are, and I'm only enjoying this so much because they finally got caught touching themselves somewhere naughty.

Basically, any card that was added since release (Upgrades, informs, tots, motm, imotm, and toty) only has base chem (it's either 4) in-game.

This means a couple of different things:

Non Day 1 cards can be put in any position on the pitch and they will play the same.

They will only play to their base card stats and will not receive stat boosts with chemistry style cards

Upgraded cards and early informs are basically worse than the non-upgraded card. This is because (and someone correct me if I'm wrong,) but there is a nerf on players based on the amount of chem they have IN GAME. and as such, non-day 1 players stats are nerfed and therefore perform WORSE than their NIF/NUP card.

Only the huge stat boost special cards (TOTY and TOTS) are worth getting now, because the stat boost offsets the nerf

EA has basically been fucking the community over (knowingly or not) by advertising these special cards (which, keep in mind, are actually worse than the normal card), which makes people want to buy packs, and when they do, they get players that are no better than their NIF.

If I said anything wrong, or missed out on something, someone please correct me.

EA's Official Comments on FUT Chem Glitch
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User RighteousOnix posted a video on YouTube recently demonstrated the ineffectiveness of chemistry style boosts on cards that are not day-one FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) cards. Thus, cards that have come out since release EA has released a variety of these player cards for transfers, position changes, man of the match and in-form designations, etc do not perform better than the day-one FUT cards. By the way,, the best in-game service provider, offer the cheap fifa 17 xbox 360 coins for sale. You buy cheapest fifa 17 xbox 360 coins safely and enjoying our fastest delivery at!

In the video RighteousOnix explains and demonstrates this using various FUT cards, using those players' ability or inability to perform a special dribble move that can only be performed by players with a dribble rating of 86 or higher. Another video posted by the user also calls into question the functionality of FUT cards' individual chemistry rating.

A fitness glitch involving day-one and non-day-one cards has also been found which EA is investigating.

Here is EA's official comment on the matter:

Thanks to the FUT community for raising awareness of a potential fitness and chemistry inconsistency in some FUT items. After hearing this, our teams were in over the weekend and continue to thoroughly investigate the information. We will keep you informed with updates from the investigation. Our commitment to a fun, fair and secure experience in FIFA is ongoing, and as a community your feedback helps us achieve that goal. A special thanks for your continuous efforts across all channels.

While EA does not outright admit that RighteousOnix's findings are true, the fact that it brought in its developers over the weekend to look at the situation shows that this is indeed a serious situation.

If this glitch is real, this would mean that the cards that users have been earning and paying real money for aren't as advertised. Ultimate Team is a big revenue source for the company and a major part of its monetization strategy.


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