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FIFA 17 Real Madrid Player Ratings Prediction
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The FIFA 17 Real Madrid player ratings list is on the minds of everyone right now, with the FIFA 17 release date in September fast approaching.

Now we take a look at some of the most accurate predictions that we’ve seen so far, thanks to ex FIFA community manager Chuboi with help from FUTHead.

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Many of you will all immediately want to know what Ronaldo’s rating in FIFA 17 is and based on this prediction, Ronaldo is going to be an 94 rated player.

The argument for this is that EA basically have no choice but to give Ronaldo a +1 this time, after another amazing season with Real Madrid and Portugal which is likely to result in being Ballon D’or winner.

Other Real Madrid FIFA 17 rating upgrades include Benzema at 87, Kroos at 88, downgrade for Rodriguez to 86, big upgrade for Bale to 89 and an upgrade to Pepe at 85.

Do you agree with the ratings, especially Ronaldo at 94 on FIFA 17? Give us your thoughts below.

FIFA 17 Leagues & Teams Guides
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Anticipation is building as FIFA 17 is only a few months away, this is the time of year where new leagues are confirmed in the next FIFA title! If you’ve been keeping up with all the latest FIFA 17 News, you’ll know that the FIFA 17 J League has been confirmed and will be officially licensed in the game! This means brand new Kits, badges and stadiums will be included in FUT 17! Which FIFA 17 Leagues can we expect to see included this year? See our full list below! By the way, u4fifa.com is providing fifa 17 coins at cheap prices for gamers.

FIFA 17 Leagues & Teams

We’ll add in teams as they are announced. Several seasons have not yet finished.


(providing licences still stand from last year)

Argentina – Primera Division

Some Primera Division teams may not include authentic player names, generic team crests and kits.

Australia – Hyundai A-League

Austria – O. Bundesliga

Belgium – Pro League

Chile – Camp. Scotiabank

Colombia – Liga Dimayor

Denmark – Alka Superliga

England – Barclays Premier League

England – Football League Championship

England – Football League 1

England – Football League 2

France – Ligue 1

France – Ligue 2

Germany – Bundesliga

Germany – Bundesliga 2

Italy – Serie A TIM

Italy – Serie B

Some Serie B teams may not include authentic player names, generic team crests and kits.

Japan – J League

NEW to FIFA 17!

Korea – K LEAGUE Classic

Mexico – Liga Bancomer MX

Holland – Eredivisie

Norway – Tippeligaen

Poland – Ekstraklasa

Portugal – Liga NOS

Some Liga NOS teams may not include authentic player names, generic team crests and kits.

Rep. Ireland – SSE Airtricity League

Rest of World

Some Rest of World teams may not include authentic player names, generic team crests and kits.

Russia – Russian League

Saudi – ALJ League

Scotland – Scottish Premiership

Spain – Liga BBVA (Exclusive to FIFA 17)

Spain – Liga Adelante

Sweden – Allsvenskan

Switzerland – Raffeisen SL

Turkey – Super Lig


Men’s National

Some men’s national teams may not include authentic player names, generic team crests and kits.

Women’s National

We’re predicting that Norway, Netherlands, Switzerland and Iceland will be added to the FIFA 17 Women’s National Teams. You can play in either match day, an offline tournament or online friendly seasons.

All of the above leagues and teams are almost certain to appear in FIFA 17 and we expect EA SPORTS FIFA to have expanded their licenses since FIFA 16. One case where this appears to have already happened is with La Liga in FIFA 17, according to reports the Spanish topflight will be exclusive to EA SPORTS FIFA 17. This begs the question, how will PES cope with this major setback?


Brazil – Campeonato Brasileiro Serie A

China – Chinese Super League (CSL)

With so many big names making the move to China, the inclusion of a FIFA 17 Chinese Super League is highly anticipated!

Czech Republic – Czech First League

Germany – 3. Liga

Greece – Superleague Greece

Israel – Israeli Premier League

Qatar – Qatar Stars League

Turkey – TFF First League

Ukraine – Ukrainian Premier League

FIFA 17 Players Reviews: Dutch TOTS Players
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Today I will show you my reviews about Dutch TOTS Players, here we go.

TOTS Jasper Cillessen

As we know, goalkeepers in this FIFA are pretty inconsistent. I was pretty hesitant to splash some fifa coins on him, but since I could build a full TOTS squad of dutch players, I thought: Why the hell not?

Some key stats about him:

89 POS
88 DIV
86 REF

Overall, he's a great player if you need a dutch GK. but his huge flaw IMO is that he lacks the long throw trait so I'll give him an 7/10

TOTS Hakim Zyech

He feels like Iniesta on steroids (without 4* skills tho)

I've used him as CM, CAM, CF and ST...he's good at every position, but he works better as a CAM in a 4312.

Some key stats:

Short Passing 87
Long Passing 85
Free Kick 90+Curve 99=Goal
He's everywhere, at the right time and right place.

If you need a creative midfielder for your dutch squad BUY HIM NOW!

TOTS Davy Klaaseen

he is the dutch TOTS Marchisio, he's versatile, can play anywhere and also has a hell of a shot.

Some key stats about him:

Positioning 92
Finishing 87
Shot Power 88
Reactions 91
Strength 80

For me, his best positon was at LCM.

FIFA 17: Guides to Win Division 1 with 20k - 35k Teams
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Rule 1 - Pace plus passing plus dribbling. None of these stats need to be over 83 but if you have low 80s in all of them in your midfield and rb/lb you have the perfect players.

Rule 2 - strikers need 80 + finishing, need to be at least 80 pace, nothing else matters.

Rule 3 - buy a team rather than great players, playing with awesome players is a hindrance to most people. They focus on getting the ball to their Ronaldo or their Messi but doing so ruins their play style. And I want to tell you that u4fifa.com is providing fifa 17 coins at cheap prices for gamers.

My current team looks like this:

ST - BACCA - 82.
ST - ROSSI - 80.
LM - ASAMOAH - 79.
CM - PIANIC - 84.
RM - PERISIC - 82.
LB - EVRA - 81.
CB - MIRANDA - 85.
RB - BASTA - 80.

It seems everyone is spending 100's a year on packs and coins for TOTS etc, this stuff does not make you better at the game. Getting good with a team does.

FIFA 17 Game Skills
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Some players say "if I hit the sprint trigger in pursuit of a through ball with Aubameyang, I shouldn't be blown past by some average-ass CB with 65 pace."

I want to tell you if you are through with aubameyang, then that won't happen. But if you have to run past the defender, its a bit harder - because he will get into your body and push you away. In all instances where he is close enough to not let you run freely you will find a harder time to get past as you will be kind of locked to that player, until either of you manage to brake it to one of the players advantage. But if you are slightly ahead, in an unreachable position from the defenders body (arms, legs, shoulder), you will stay ahead (unless the factors below apply).

The other factor is the angles. If you have to run diagonally either with the ball or towards the ball, any player that can run in a straight line will cover ground slightly faster, making the pace stat slightly less important. That doesnt mean that you cant outrun him though, but chances are smaller.

Then, if you have the ball it becomes a skill game, as running with the ball is much slower than running without the ball. But if you are able to do well timed, well directed knock ons, you can run at almost full speeds even with the ball. But as I said, at that point, your skills doing that particular move matter. It is possible to do poor knock ons that wont work. Takes practice.

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FIFA 17 without Chemistry
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In the light of all the new information we have about chemistry, I decided to sell most of my EPL squad and fill my team with TOTS cards of players I like. http://bit.ly/291nkJO

So far, I've played a few games and haven't noticed anything that would be a hallmark of bad chemistry - Aduriz is putting his chances away, Mkhitaryan is moving and shooting well and David Luiz has been an even more dominant CDM than Rooney was for me. Everyone's passing is still sloppy at times, but it was sloppy for me before I overhauled my squad.

So it made me wonder - would it really be a bad thing if we got rid of chemistry completely?

I'm Australian, and wanted to use TOTS Mooy since he got the card, but any squad with him would have been garbage. Now, it doesn't matter. I don't play with wingers but wanted to use Mkhitaryan.

I've never really fully understood the arguments for why chemistry is a good thing, especially now - for the first time since I started playing FUT in 2013, I actually feel like I have MY 'ultimate team'. Just a squad of players I like, without being penalised for it.

And just to be clear, this is in no way a defence of EA - they still owe us an explanation and the fact that people were spending money to acquire informs that are worse than their NIF equivalents is scandalous. But this seems to be a fortunate byproduct of their mistakes.

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